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Work streams we specialize in:

Product Management

Product Strategy

Product Roadmap

Agile Project Management

Feature, Release Management

Machine Learning

Chat AI, NLP Engines

Recommendation Systems

Predictive Modelling

Route Optimization

Backend Engineering

API Development

Database Development

Infrastructure Setup, CI/CD

Cloud Cost Optimization

Product Design

User Research

User Experience Design (UX)

User Interface Design (UI)

Web Development

Web Application Development

Internal Web Tool Development

Static Website Development

App Development

Android App Development (Native)

iOS App Development (Native)

Hybrid App Development

Product Marketing

Customer Engagement

Behavioural Analytics

Facebook/Google Ads Optimization

Social Media Management

Content Development

UX Writing, Brand Messaging

Website, App Content


Blog Management

Design and Creatives

Campaign Design

Logo and Branding

Product Explainer Videos/Decks

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